Wolfestein 2

Hi to all, I’m tryng to install wolfestein II but the dowloading of the dedicated runner hangs… and I can’t download it.
Any suggestion how I can find it?

Should work, I installed the game and played it. If the installer has issues downloading the patched version of Wine, get it manually by right clicking on Wine in the side bar, selecting “Manage versions” and checking “wolfenstein2-2.20”. Once that is done, relaunch the installer

Is winesteam hanging?

If so, delete the winesteam folder ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam, click the gear icon and scroll to winesteam, hit configure, and switch wine to an i386 staging build. E.g. Staging-2.15-i386 If it’s not there download it first by clicking manage versions for Wine:

Then install Wolfenstein II.