Wolfenstein Youngblood Bethesda Launcher crashing on install (gamefiles already downlaoded)

Hey Guys,

im trying since more than 10 hrs to get the game working. Then i got the Launcher so far, that the download worked. Now when im trying to install, with the same method as i fixed the generell not downloading bug and crash its not working, The game files of the game are in the libary gut it still need a install (i think cause denuvo). But i dont know anymore what i can do for it…

sorry for my bad english

Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Anti-tamper

DRM like this won’t be able to be bypassed on Linux to be able to play via wine. A quick search of “Denuvo linux” should be able to give you plenty of blogs, wiki’s, forums (and so on) going in depth as to why.