Witcher 3 wild hunt goty broken?

I have installed this several times before but for some reason it will not install at all. I have tried about 10 times now. It is the same outcome every single time.

The executable path can’t be found please check the destination folder. I even broke the golden rule and ran lutris with sudo privileges and it still failed with this same exact error. For reference I am running the latest manjaro kde on kernels 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 they all error out the same way during install. Lutris version 0.5.4-2 and wine version 5.3-1

I have followed the process I have always followed on manjaro for installing this game. Download Lutris it prompts wine to be downloaded along side. Open lutris search for the witcher 3 wild hunt goty and hit install confirm the path which is ~/home/username/games/name of the game. It prompts me to sign in with my gog id I sign in and everything downloads. Then it downloads the required wine packages, the installation goes for about a minute and then prompts with that error.

I frequently got the message that a config file could not be found. Turned out to be the case because innoextract (a tool to extract windows installers under Linux) failed to do so.

A little background: A GOG installer script uses two files. The first one is a download of innoextract. The second one is the GOG installer. Sometime it a manual selection process, sometimes it is a download.

When I manually ran the downloaded innoextract I got the message that libboost_iostreams.so was missing. And I couldn’t find it in my Fedora repositories either.

Luckily I did find innoextract in the Fedora repositories and installed it. Running this one against the installer did the trick. That’s version 1.8 BTW.

After extracting everything I copied all files to the location I wanted the game to install to.

Then I selected the game in Lutris and selected Add existing game.

You will have to manually configure the game.

To summarize: It seems that some systems need some libraries to run innoexract. You see the errors when running innoextract manually. Innoextract seems to have been built under Ubuntu where all needed libraries are available. Some other distro’s probably don’t have the same base install and those libraries need to be installed first.

Also, for your game read the comments here:

Awesome thank you for the reply. I will look into this some more. The interesting part is that I have installed this game 3 times prior to this and it worked every time on manjaro with no issues.

No problem, happy to help out.

I’ve read post on the github page of this application and the maintainer mentioned that 1.8 was able to handle the new installers better.

I think GOG changes their installer now and then and that could be the reason that you were able to install before.