Witcher 3 gog installer not working

The Witcher 3 won’t install
it’s the gog version without any dlcs
i get to the installation and there without a progress bar it’s stuck on installing please wait
the installer log just says
wine: cannot find L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe"

Two things come to my mind right away.

First, to you have winehq-staging installed in your system? If not, pick the appropriate system and follow the install instructions to get all the dependencies OK.

If you do, the install script’s first lines say "files:

  • setup: N/A:Select the game’s setup file"

i’ve never installed a GoG game on Lutris, so you’re either prompted to pick the file (which I don’t know you did, because I have 0 idea how it works) or you didn’t pick a file at all, and that’s why your installation is stuck.

deleting the installer from lutris and readding the game into my library fixed the installer
but when i start a new game it freezes on a black screen sometimes before and sometimes after the intro video
Edit: after a few tries it went through the intro videos but basically nothing is rendering, Gerald isn’t there, the whole castle isn’t there from the beginning you only see the background and can walk on the nothing

Try disabling antialising, either in the game or looking for its configuration file.


still nothing

Driver version?

nvidia 390.48

Update to 396.45. That driver version isn’t supported by DXVK.

thanks i didn’t know that i have to do some witchery with the drivers since i though that the drivers that come normally within the drivers menu are more or less new

after weeks of hard word i had time to try out the drivers and it’s still not working all things required for DXVK are installed too but still there are no assets loading