Winetricks download permission error

I’m trying to use winetricks to install some dlls. However, I get permission errors:

10/22 20:54:49 [ERROR] CUID#7 - Download aborted. URI=
Exception: [] errorCode=18 URI=
  -> [] errNum=13 errorCode=18 Failed to make the directory /home/waldelb/.cache/winetricks/dotnet30sp1, cause: Permission denied

The weird thing is, that this folder is already created and has the correct permissions.
I tried deleting it, I even deleted the whole .cache folder, but I still get the same error. I think, it’s sometimes working, because I have some of the dlls ticked.

What could be the cause of this?

Complete Log: Unsupported locale setting. Fix your locales(lutris:42848): Gtk-WARNING **: -

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