Winesteam runner issues

So, I’ve been trying to install Rome: Total War with the winesteam runner. As has been discussed previously, any attempt to manually install a game using winesteam simply causes it to crash repeatedly. However, this DOES not happen with games that already have an installer (like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).

Is there a way to fix this or would someone smarter than me have to come up with an installer for Rome Total War?

I made installers for Rome: Total War and Rome: Total War - Alexander.

Note that there is almost nothing to do when writing installers for Steam games.
If a game has a Steam ID (it will have one if there is a “Get it from Steam” link on the Lutris page) then the default installer is just fine, the only thing to do is to select the runner (Steam or Steam (Windows)) then leave the install script as is and click “Submit to moderation”.

Alright. Thanks, strider!

Maybe I can come up with another problem:
My runner didn’t start since I tried to change the wine version. What is the default version or is there a way to reset the configuration of winesteam to default?

You can change the default version for all Wine Steam games in the runner options for that specific runner (either by selecting “Configure” when right clicking on Wine Steam in the side bar or by opening the Manage runners dialog)

Yeah, that’s what I did and I think it broke them, so what is the original default, so i can switch back?

There is not really a default, if you don’t have wine installed, we will download Wine Staging 2.6 i386 but you might as well use Wine Staging 2.9, that’s what I recommend now.

Well, that’s what I did :smiley: So I have to search somewhere else. Thanks strider :smiley: