Winesteam quit working again

Hello again,

I just installed a fresh Ubuntu 17.10, installed steam, lutris and winesteam. The last won’t start. I came till login then it crashes for no good reason.

Native Steam don’t start with the error Failed to load
When I start it without Lutris, it runs flawlessly

Ok, Now more Precise (Edit2): When I start Lutris I can start steam. When I then try to start winesteam, it goes till user configuration then crashes. Then I got the fatal Error when trying to start native steam through lutris. Till next reboot

Do you installed the 32 bit libs? Native Steam doesnt run in 64bit.

I’m having a similar situation. Mine hangs at verifying installation in the steam updator. I’ve tried using dfiferent wine versions. I’m using ubuntu 17.10 with nvidia 390 drivers.

Mine also hangs at verifying installation. Doesnt seem to work at all