Winesteam not launching

I’m running a relatively fresh install of Lutris on Arch Linux. Everyting works fine except Winesteam recently stopped working without any clear reason why. I’ve tried multiple versions of wine, reinstalling Winesteam, and running Lutris in a terminal. Nothing has worked so far. I’ve linked the terminal output below. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Lutris winesteam terminal output

Did you solve this problem?

When that happened to me, it was because I didn’t have a system-wide installation of wine.

Follow the install instructions for Wine for your system over here (or somewhere over here, since you’re in Arch

It should fix all problems.

Thank you. I apologize for not replying sooner. I thought I had my account set up to email me if I got a reply, but I guess not. Anyway, no the problem has not been fixed, sadly. I checked and I have wine-staging installed system wide. I also tried just using normal wine, but no luck.

If you installed all dependencies and the problem is still the same, you may be missing libncurses. It’s one of the messages that pops up in your log.

This should have been solved by installing wine system-wide with all its depencies, but I may be mistaken.

Also, try to check if library names changed slightly. Maybe libncurses has a version to it likee and you have to update your symbolic link to

I report this on some scripts of lutris, and have no answer, you’ll need to put “dwrite” desactivated on wine cfg libraries, I don’t know why but just with this I can launch steam here, after this steam will launch perfect.