Winesteam knows I'm on linux

Hello Community,

maybe it’s just a dump mistake of myself, but often when I try to install a windows steam game on winesteam, I can hit install and then the launcher gives a popup with “This game is not for your platform”. As if Steam knows it runs in linux.

I’m testing installers I write (well, it’s easy when you just have to copy in the steam ID) and I’m struggeling over this.
Where is the mistake?

Does noone have a similar problem? In speciial: Warhammer 40.000 Eternal Crusade is recognized from my wine steam as a windows game and not installable.
When installed with SteamCMD it’s not playable because I use the “wrong platform”.

Has anyone an idear why? Other games run great.

Maybe this is a 64bit game?

Edit: Yes, I checked the steam store page for that game, it’s for 64bit versions of Windows. You have to use another prefix than the default one which is 32bit, set it to 64bit and it should run fine.

Also, it’s mentioned that the game requires DirectX11 so the game may have severe graphical glitches. On the other hand, Warhammer: Vermintide also requires DX11 and runs just fine on Wine. Those 2 games only share the Warhammer franchise and are not from the same studio so I guess it’s not that relevant.

Vermintide runs fine? That’s a new information for me :smiley:
Is it possible to switch the Prefix just for this game, or better: What do I have to write in the install script to make it happen?

Vermintide only requires a 64bit prefix (not sure about any winetricks requirements but I think the game runs without them).

The only requirement to run the game is to use the new winesteam game option nolaunch, this will prevent Lutris from launching the game directly and only launch Steam, from there you can launch the game without the launcher. (Otherwise the launcher crashes)

You’re talking about Vermintide now? I’ll try.

Can you explain me how I tell the Installer it should use a 64bit prefix?

Edit: Well, I know I can change the wine version to a 64bit version in the Wine Steam Config, but couldn’t this let now working games stop to work?

I switched to wine 2.9 staging x64 and now I’m installing Vermintide, but I still can’t install Eternal Crusade.

Edit3: Fored your Vermintide installer :smiley: I will play around with this :slight_smile: