Wine32 and wine64 is there conflict?

I don’t know if works this way, so I’m asking

But does the wine steam share folders between games (I don’t have to sign in more than once for different games)
does sharing a folder wine32 bit and wine64 bit wine steam folder cause issues?

I want to install Fallout4 64bit game but I don’t want to mess up my 32bit steam games as I’ve only just got BioShock Working :wink:

Fireaxis ported Bioshock to native Linux some time ago. :grinning::sunglasses:

it’s not in my steam library. would I have to buy it once more?
I’ve got Bioshock1, 2 as windows games only and infinite as a Linux game.

To reply the original post, yes this is possible. The only important info to remember is to disable the auto-updates for 64 bit games, otherwise when using 32bit prefixes, Steam has a tendency to delete 64bit games.

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It was Virtual Programming who ported Bioshock and it was the 3rd one (Infinite), and it wasn’t even really native to begin with :laughing:

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