Wine with Gallium Nine

Did anybody ever look into using Gallium Nine with lutris? It should significantly improve 3Dx9 performance in some games (for example World of Warcraft).
Gallium Nine needs wine compiled with it and some system dependencies (mesa), see

Dox, did you ever consider that?

Don’t have AMD. I tried it on my laptop in early stages (MoP) and it helped a bit, but that laptop simply isn’t for gaming. But here is my thoughts:

If you have AMD, and you can set up Gallium Nine Wine + Gallium Nine Mesa, good for you. Then you should be able to select that Wine version for WoW by rightclicking > Configure > Runner Options > Select your own Wine Version.

Lutris will try to use standard wine versions that work with AMD / NVidia (/Intel). And will make sure the game runs. If you want to optimize further, it gives you ever option to fiddle.

Well, I’d need to compile wine with gallium nine and I have never compiled anything … :frowning:

Ah, and thank you for maintaining a wine setup that works out of the box with WoW !

iirc, there are precompiled packages available for Ubuntu / Arch. Prolly aswell for other distro’s.

As far as I know not for debian. Ubuntu packages are in a ppa which won’t work. And arch has a completely different structure.

Three or four years ago, I discovered the Gallium-Nine.

I had evil problems to test and use it, thats why I moved from Ubuntu (or Debian like) to Manjaro.
You can easyly install and switch drivers from the opensource (to make use of Gallium-Nine) to the proprietory (to make use of the native Steam-Library), You can easyly select a Kernel (they provide 10-15), install it and use it just with a reboot, and additionally you can just install the GalliumNine patched Wine through the AUR. Lutris uses it as the “System Wine”-Version!
It makes such things pretty simple. There is no need of knowing how to compile shits…

Just my thoughts on that.