Wine version (the runner) change on one game, causes the Wine runner to change on ALL games? A bug or a feature?

So yes, pretty much the headline there. I thought (or remember wrong) that i could specify a Wine version to run by individually to each game on my library.

Is this not the case or what am i doing wrong? I noticed, because many games stopped launching. Tried rebooting (as i wondered if a “fresh start” would fix something as many winedevices and whatnot .exes stayed running in the background, checking the system monitor).

The Lutris version in question is the latest Have i messed up some automatic settings or how to use individual Wine versions for each game?


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I have to ask, where are you changing it? You need to be in the Runner Options of the individual game, not the global defaults, to select a wine runner for the game.

Also, you should toggle Advanced view on, so you can see the DXVK version field. Ensure that is appropriately selected for the game. I’ve had that mess me up before, and I couldn’t even see it because of the default view.