Wine version issue after trying to change version in configuration menu

Recently, Battlefield V stopped working for no discernible reason. I had installed it over a month ago and it worked flawlessly until a couple days ago. I launched the game, got into a match, and the mouse was all jacked up, I was just spinning nonstop. I quit the game, tried to relaunch, and the game would NOT launch, no matter what. I tried to change the wine version, because the game had updated recently and I figured a newer wine version than the one used in the script might help. But after changing the wine version, now it gives me a wrong wine version error, and says the binary was not upgraded correctly, and that the old wineserver might be running. I’ve seen other people have this issue online, and the only suggestion was to make sure all wine processes are killed. That is not the issue here, as it happens even on a fresh boot. There are no wine processes running, and it still happens. It happens no matter which wine version I choose, even when I try to choose the original one.

here is the output of my terminal when I followed the instructions and ran lutris -d

and this is the only output given in the logs.

The instructions were unclear on what to do with the file resulting from running lutris --submit-issue. It creates a .json file, and I can’t upload that here. But here are my system specs:
OS: Manjaro 18.1.3 running linux kernel 5.4.1-2-MANJARO
Desktop environment: All of the one’s I’ve tried. Which include Deepin, i3, and Budgie
Driver: this obviously isn’t a driver issue, but I’ve tried it with mesa-aco-git 20.0.0-devel, and 19.2.6 or whatever
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580