Wine Steps that Lutris takes?

I have a game on Lutris that behaves so much better through Lutris then through PlayOnLinux.

Where can I see the steps that Lutris takes that are different than PlayOnLinux.

My end goal is to make a bash script to run the game outside of open Lutris.

Is Lutris runtime enabled? Lutris brings it’s own. Could be the reason.

Edit, wait :smiley:
Do you ask in the Lutris Forums how not to use Lutris? :smiley: When having trouble with PoL first step could be wineHQ. They can tell witch dll’s you need.

I love using Lutris but I just want to know how it’s running so good. When I attempt to install this game any other way, it’s not as good as how Lutris handles it.

Well, I would have a deeper look in the libarys, Lutris runtime brings alonge. There should be the explenation, but I’m not an expert.