Wine Steam runner questions, and how to reset it?

Hi folks. Lutris newbie here. I installed Lutris on Ubuntu and had a few questions about the Wine Steam runner:

  1. It seems to want to default to Wine 3 possibly? Can you change the Wine version it uses, say, to Wine 3.5 staging?
  2. Once installed, can you have Wine Steam running with one Wine Version, and independently launch a title from its .exe using a different Wine version?
  3. Here’s the support question: I tried to install Wine Steam, and my wifi cut out mid installation and the install stopped. Now, Lutris thinks it’s installed, when it isn’t. I only have the option to “Configure” it, not install from scratch again. I see no option to reset Wine Steam. So, my question is, how do I complete wipe the Lutris config and start all over? Removing and purging it didn’t delete its settings. Deleting .config/Lutris didn’t delete settings. Any advice? Thanks!