Wine Steam login - typed text not working [SOLVED]

I have a lot of wine Steam games installed and normally working fine.

Now when I try to run any game I get the steam login window, where I need to enter the password.
The text boxes do not work ; Account Name and Password
So the “Login” button is disabled
I can see my existing account name but cannot change it and I cannot enter the password.
The “Remember Me” check box and the “Cancel” button both work.

Tried various Wine versions ; Stagging 3.9, 3.8, 3.7
Ubuntu 18.04 , nvidia 396.24.02

It’s now working.
Not sure how.
After opening the “nvidia settings” window to view the version and opening Ubuntu settings , I tried Staging 3.10 and the login now works as expected.

Probably needed focus and switching between the windows “fixed” it. If that happens again just hold alt+leftclick to move the login window a little then click the text field.