Wine Steam Games don't run on dedicated NVidia card

I’m lucky owner of ‘brilliant’ hybrid graphics; Intel HD3000 and NVIDIA 660M and Arch Linux.

To the problem then. In wine steam, I can’t launch games with NVIDIA card, they run on Intel instead. I tried to check NVIDIA Optimus box, tried to manually ‘primusrun wine /path/to/game/game.exe’ and ‘optirun wine /path/to/game/game.exe’. I hoped if I’d run Wine Steam with optirun prefix, it would fix my trouble, but I guessed wrong. And every iteration ‘optirun --status’ responded with ‘Discrete video card is off’. Meanwhle, all games in native Steam run perfectly with ‘primusrun %command%’. I suppose, Wine Steam opens games with some deviate sequence, but I have nothing to prove my guess, let alone fix my trouble.

Maybe anyone ran into such problem and have workaround, 'cause it drives me mad. Thanks in advance.