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Wine Steam, fails to update immediately after install


This issue occurs immediately following the install of the runner or while trying to install any game that uses the runner. This is before the first time login/create account screen is shown. This is the window while active: . Steam closes if any of the dialogue options are pressed. Log output contained nothing useful. It thinks Steam is running fine.

Manjaro AwesomeWM, kernel 5.0.9 stable, GTX 1070, Ryzen 2600X

Wine dependencies and DXVK installed per wiki. Other games run fine, but the Wine Steam runner will not cooperate.

Edit: Prior to showing what’s in the screenshot the lighter Steam window shows a blank progress bar with: Downloading update: 0/~200,000kB. Then, the darker window appears and the lighter changes to “Download Complete.” No data is transferred during this time.