Wine Runner WoW 7.3 issue with the Lutris runtime

OK, I have reactivated my WoW account, and noticed it didn’t work. A google of the error reported has to do with authentication and a suggestion was to use the system ones … OK. Disabled the Lutris runtime and things work.

Any idea on what may have went wrong and what I can do to fix this? The only major thing that may have contributed that I can muster up was I had a need to use Ubuntu 18.04 for a wee bit, so I swapped from Fedora to that, and now I am back. I have a separated /home/ on an LVM pool that was used by the three installs (yeah, F27, U18.04, F28). The only thing I can think of that may have been a cause.

As far as I understand things, I would need to have the runtime enabled for DXVK support via the GUI, rather than manual, correct?

Yes, I know this aint an easy one to help with. Figured someone here may know of a straightforward troubleshooting step. As far as I can tell this is the only prefix with issues, so I am tempted to cheat and just reinstall in a new prefix, but I would really like to know what the hell broke and why rather than say fuck it, and then nuke and pave that prefix (well after copying the data over).


Runtime is a tool, not a must. If your system is up to date, and you have installed the required libs for running WoW, you don’t not need the runtime. In fact, runtime is based on 16.04 so it is like a downgrade for you if you use 18.04, and it might not be compatible with Fedora. Personally I don’t use it, I make sure I have the required libs installed in my system.

DXVK does not need runtime - it is a fully seperate thing - you need vulkan set up correct (32 bit and 64 bit + icd loaders).

And you should treat prefixes as throwaway things, keep your games elsewhere, so you can always nuke it and install a new one. Or: You can first install another prefix with Lutris (just name it differently from the standard). Test if it works with WoW, remove your old prefix when you don’t need it anymore.

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What Dox said about prefixes. About 4 weeks ago a update borked authentification. I reinstalled from the warcraft page and told the new where the wow folder resides. All is well again.
(Except the error popups about system survey and helper which you can ignore - its just an annoyance.)

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Thanks, I did not know that the runtime was not needed for dxvk. As for compatibility, Fedora 25+ has had no issues with the runtime, so I guess its fine.

I will give dxvk a shot with wow and d3 (I have OW, but rarely play it due to taste, not performance).

Thanks again!

OK, unless I am doing things the hard way here is what I got:

  • Had to do a DLL override for BattleNet launcher to use builtin d3d11 and dxgi or Bnet would barf on launch.
  • I also needed to put into the system tab in the wine app settings the “DXVK_FAKE_DX10_SUPPORT=1” option (I opted for systemwide) to get WoW to run (and well it does indeed run).
  • Diablo 3 has a few weird texture issues on the char select screen, and corpses. Nothing in a few moments of gameplay that seemed broken, just alot darker than it should be.

Is this expected behavior and fixes? Thanks!

  • You don’t have 32 bit Vulkan installed, so Blizzard App fails with DXVK.
  • That is set already by the current installer
  • D3 colors are fixed in newer version of DXVK (which wasn’t available when the installer was made).

Dox, thanks for the reply.

As for the vulkan 32bit, I sure do:

[andrew@big-red-wired ~]$ rpm -qa | grep vulkan
[andrew@big-red-wired ~]$

And in case it matters, I am using .52 of DXVK. I see that .61 is out, so perhaps a manual upgrade is in order. And my NVIDIA drivers are 396.24.0-1 (negativo’s packages).

I am thinking that from what I read, 396.24.2 is where I want to be to avoid alot of problems thanks to NVIDIA.

Thanks again!

If you have nvidia, why are you installing other vulkan drivers aswell? Honostly I don’t know what all those packages are since I’m not on your distro, but I’m guessing those are the amd / intel drivers for Vulkan. (You can have them in your system, but then you have to use “export VK_ICD_FILENAMES=/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/nvidia_icd.json” I think)

Nah RH splits it up differently and packages have these as deps. I only manually installed nvidia’s kmod and vulkan, the rest came along for the ride. mesa-vulkan-drivers is the mesa portion, and the proprietary drivers have their own. As far as I know, that is.

[andrew@big-red-wired ~]$ dnf info vulkan
Last metadata expiration check: 20 days, 23:54:42 ago on Sun 10 Jun 2018 06:56:27 PM CDT.
Installed Packages
Name : vulkan
Version :
Release : 1.fc28
Arch : i686
Size : 13 M
Source : vulkan-
Repo : @System
From repo : updates
Summary : Vulkan loader and validation layers
License : ASL 2.0
Description : Vulkan is a new generation graphics and compute API that provides
: high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs used in a wide variety of
: devices from PCs and consoles to mobile phones and embedded platforms.
: This package contains the reference ICD loader and validation layers for
: Vulkan.

Also, FWIW, I have tested if vulkan is working, and it (aside from a couple steam games) is faster and at least as good looking. I have a few titles that are still in developement phase for transitioning from GL to vulkan. So what I did do to install things works, on the RH/Fedora front anyway.

If you have working 32 bit vulkan, Blizzard App should work with DXVK. (If you have installed the correct dependecies in your system - again, I have no clue about RH).

If you have working 64 bit vulkan, the games will work with DXVK.

I guess the rest is up to you…and oh yeah, please update the Lutris github to include RH instructions once you figure it out. :wink:

Might be a bit rambly, I have been adding to this and deleting as I test things out

OK, not sure what was broken originally. But I decided to vape the “fixes” for bnet and have, essentially a clean win10 override list and test things. Works™ Just Fine. Fook me. Well at least I know a hell of alot more now than a week ago :smiley:

So whilst spending the last bit googling around, checking my notes, and your install script, can I surmise the following safely?

  • Win10 prefix across the board
  • Games no longer need 32 bit clients or any other voodoo in winecfg?

I tested all the games from Blizz (I do indeed own them all), and the only one that is janky is SC1 for some reason. I did what I see is the appropriate fix for HoTS (think your script has it) and copied the two dlls and it works.

So I am down to SC1’s slow load splash screen going to a black screen with a game cursor that does nothing. Shouldn’t be too bad to iron out.

I think I may have an extra winetricks stuff (wininet corefonts vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2015).

Nice to see things getting EASIER now. I recall things for D3 being MUCH worse than the essentially zero work these days (even in my old script, setting xp on d3’s exe wasnt that bad by historical standards).\

Thanks again. Sorry I was under the impression something was broke on my end. Guess it is all good now (as tests seem to show).,

One final word, Dox, one issue with your script (I ran into some very odd issues and resorted in trying your whole script out) that will fail as of right now with both RPMFusion (390.something or another) or Negativo17’s (396.24.0) NVIDIA Drivers is that .61 DXVK REQUIRES 396.24.2 drivers. Your script will work perfectly (as does my hand done prefix) with .54.

Otherwise for proper vulkan support, install the vulkan & vulkan.i686 packages along with whatever driver is chosen (RPMFusion or Negativo’s) along with the 32 bit nvidia driver package:

$ rpm -qa | grep -e nvidia -e vulkan | sort

And for completeness with regards to the vulkan ICD files (not that I needed to dick with any of that):

$ pwd
$ ls
intel_icd.i686.json nvidia_icd.i686.json radeon_icd.i686.json
intel_icd.x86_64.json nvidia_icd.x86_64.json radeon_icd.x86_64.json

Thanks again!

Directly from the installer:

  • If you are going to use DXVK: Enable DXVK, set version: 0.61. Then set PBA_DISABLE=1, or change wine runner to Staging 3.11. You need newest beta drivers
    to use 0.61, if you don’t have it, use 0.54.

The driver thing I surmised after digging a bit for assistance the first stab around:

My original prefix was, indeed, staging 3.11.

The point of my previous post is that on Fedora and EL7, the drivers available cap out at 396.24.0, whih is clearly not sufficient enough for 0.61. Cant speak for Ubuntu, Mint, Mageia, etc (not my forte by any stretch).

Again, thanks. Between your words and your script, things were quite simple to troubleshoot down. As usual, it boils down to the little details, and in my case distro and available packages at the very moment made a difference. Rare, but not the first, nor likely the last.