Wine problem on game installing

Hi there!

I’ve had no experience with Lutris before, so my issue may be common or solved one. Anyway I hope to get some help here.

The problem description:
I’m new to it, so I’m trying to run installation of a game from community installers. I tried to install mafia 2 classic via steam and assassin’s creed 2 via steam DXVK. In both cases I’m getting the same: exit code 256 and the following output:

Lutris debug logs:

Extra info:
wine version: wine-6.22 (Staging)
system: arch linux with rolling release

Only thing I can think of is to open wine configuration from Lutris (selecting a game then configure wine) and on wine configuration window check “hide wine version from applications” under stagging tab.

I don’t know if that’ll do anything but just guessing since you are not using “stable” version of wine, currently 6.0.2.

As I understand, that is not possible to do for a game, that wasn’t installed so far. Or did I miss, how to do it?
I checked that there are options for manual install (not form community installer), but I’m not familiar enough with the tool to configure it myself, so maybe you could provide me some instruction?

Is this a Steam game?
Started initial process 12847 from /home/ow11/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-fshack-6.21-5-x86_64/bin/wine /home/ow11/.cache/lutris/tmp/SteamSetup.exe /S
Start monitoring process.
Executing mkdir -p /home/ow11/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam
WARNING 2021-12-05 22:14:05,608 [wine.create_prefix:139]:Wine prefix creation is taking longer than expected…
ERROR 2021-12-05 22:14:12,872 [wine.create_prefix:141]:No user.reg found after prefix creation. Prefix might not be valid
DEBUG 2021-12-05 22:14:12,873 [interpreter._iter_commands:303]:Installer command: {‘task’: {‘app’: ‘crypt32 d3dcompiler_43 d3dx9 vcrun2008’, ‘arch’: ‘win64’, ‘name’: ‘winetricks’, ‘prefix’: ‘$GAMEDIR/prefix’}}
DEBUG 2021-12-05 22:14:12,887 [wine.detect_prefix_arch:81]:Prefix not found: None/prefix

Did you install Wine from the repository? Here is the link on getting Wine installed.