Wine not installed correctly/ Lutris cant find wine


I am a new Linux user so forgive me for my wild ignorance. I’m assuming I am missing something basic. I’ve been trying to install a non-steam game through lutris. When I go to edit the wine configuration,

Screenshot from 2022-03-30 08-45-07

nothing happens. When I ran it through the terminal like the sticky requested I get the following error.
Its obviously an issue with the way wine is installed, the way lutris is accessing it or the version of wine I have. I’ve gone and uninstalled wine and re-installed the latest version from the website but I’m not sure what else I can do, or if I’m missing something basic that’s Linux specific.


Figured it out.
For anyone else having issues I’m currently using
Linux Mint 20.3 x86_64
AMD ryzen 7 5800x
AMD 6900XT

After messing with wine for a while I opted out of the steam beta update. Not proton beta but the steam beta for the steam platform. Restarting steam and restarting Lutris fixed this immediately.