Wine games says that my nvidia card has no memory

I have a laptop with Pop_OS 19.10. I’ve installed Lutris ans managed to install a couple of games

  1. Fable. Says that I have not minimun requirements for playing the game however it allows me to launch it anyway and can change the settings on the video options menu. The game runs quite well on Full HD however, when exiting to the menu, is a bit laggish.

  2. Stalker. Shadow of Chernobyl. During installations says that my graphics card nvidia has no memmory (I have a gtx 2060) but it allows me to install it and play with out any problem.

  3. Stalker. Call of Pripyat. Allows installation without any problem but when launching, an error happens and I can not play. Also the aspect ratio of my screen gets messed up.

  1. The Elder Scrolls. Oblivion: The game launches without any problem but it crashes after a couple of minutes

What do I have to do so Wine detects correctly my graphics card?