Wine esync

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I read about wine–esync here and a watched some videos witch wine patched with esync and I have this doubt if is it possible to run it in Lutris, I notice a little performance with esync over dxvk, if it can works anyt tips?

tks all.

I’ve never used Wine versions outside of Lutris, but you can definitely get it working.

One of the game’s runner options says “custom wine executable” or similar, right? I feel you only need to put your custom wine’s path there and it’ll use that. I’m not sure how ou could test it, but since you feel performance improvements with esync, you probably know better than me.

Hope you get it done to tell us

I don’t understand what it does…
That link makes me more confused…
What is it?

I have no idea either, the README on Github is cryptic and the only video I’ve seen demo-ing it showed improvements of about 5%.
The only thing I understand from the README is that it might break the process monitor. Since it has a git repo, I might as well try building it.

It basically replaces certain wineserver calls with file descriptor calls:

This reduces wineserver load significantly, especially on games that use all cores on multicore cpus (like Ryzen). Some games go from 80% load to below 10%, and suddenly gain 50fps (depending on setup etc).


wine esync can really help on older CPU’s, i have a Core 2 quad q9550 and i can say, that wine patch can do incredible things in some older and newer CPU’s.
please put that on lutris runners repo, it really help’s in CPU bound games like GTA V and other’s.

tks for reply I was sick, here…

I have pushed a build of wine staging 3.12 with esync applied (plus other patches that came with esync in the AUR). Can some people please test if that build improves anything on their end? My tests were really inconclusive, I had zero improvements on an i7 4790k and GTX 970.

Same hardware, same result… No more improvement.


GTA V without ESYNC= 19 fps
GTA V with ESYNC= 38 fps

on my Q9550 it really make things work faster, don’t forget to put WINEESYNC=1 on env variables

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It depends on your game - if your game uses 10% or more wineserver you gain a lot. And some games get more wineserver load the more cores your have.

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I just saw esync-3.12 in lutris just yesterday, and today it’s gone? Did the maintainer pull if out, or is it still there and I’m just blind as a bat?

No, you’re right, it’s gone. I was told by the people in the esync channel on Discord that my build didn’t actually have esync and since it was built from some shady patches I randomly found online, I just got rid of it. My tests seem to confirm that this build doesn’t have esync.

Next wine esync build won’t be patched by myself. We have a process were anyone can send wine source trees in a git repo and ask for a build but no one is using it…

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Well ty for the effort and looking into it for us.