Wine completely breaking

I’ve had this issue for a while where when a game gets full-screened sometimes my screen completely just turns off and I can no longer access my desktop and have to restart. I have no idea how to fix this problem.

In similarity, Overwatch starts but lags in game a ton, (even the main menu takes a really long time to load), and when in game for over 5 minutes or sometimes even a few seconds depending on how many users are in game, the game breaks and my entire computer freezes up. I tried both DXVK and normal versions for Lutris and both have the same outcome. I also tried Wine-Staging 3.10 and some others but nothing helps.

Would love some advice if anyone has any ideas on how to fix these if anyone knows.

If needed, I’m running a pretty much full AMD build on KDE Neon 16.04
AMD R9 380 4G VRAM
AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz
12 RAM
MSI Gaming Motherboard

not sure if this is the same problem, but there is a fullscreen bug/issue with dxvk.

link here you can read about it

Disable the full composition pipeline in nvidia settings (I had to turn it on, then off)
This worked for me as I was freezing with mgs 5/ witcher 3 doing this fixed it for me. I would only freeze in fullscreen.

since I don’t have a nvidia card, I don’t have nvidia settings so I’m not sure how this could help my situation.

Use the latest Mesa version and LLVM7.

How do I get latest LLVM7? I looked into it and I updated mesa drivers but i don’t see a way to get llvm7 for ubuntu

type in a terminal : “glxinfo | grep -i opengl”
You’ll see your version of llvm in the output