Wine, Banners and Theme


I’m using Lutris for two days now and I’m amazed (was using PlayOnLinux, but I’ll switch now).

I have a few problems:

  • I can’t install wine versions, if I want to check the boxes in the installer it doesn’t work. I just can uncheck them.
  • I can’t change to Dark Theme. I can check the option, but nothing happens.
  • Can I give games from outside (with the Lutris Banner) own banners? Didn’t find an option.

Best regrads,

Is really noone out there? Just the problem with the wine Version would help a Lot.


Do you get an error message if you launch Lutris from the command line when you check wine versions? The server can be a bit slow to respond so downloading a wine version can go from 5 seconds to 1 minute.

Regarding the dark theme, maybe it has something to do with the Gtk theme you’re currently using? (Mine is always dark since I use Arc-Dark but I’ve tested this option with Arc and Adwaita and it worked fine)

You’ll be able to set custom banners in the next version :slight_smile: Or you already can if you use the version from github. For the current version, you can always set banners by creating the appropriate files in ~/.local/share/lutris/banners/

Very nice, wine works now, the theme is not the problem, I’ve changed them.
And with the Banners I will wait. No offense :smiley:

There are many install scripts in Play on Linux which are not in Lutris. Is there a guide for making an installer so I can try to “translate” myself? Maybe I could help improve lutris (a bit).

We’re always looking for people who could write new installers, that would be awesome :smiley:

There is a guide on the sidebar when writing install scripts and a good way to start is to find a game that has an existing script, fork it to the game you wish to write an installer and adapt it from there.
If you have any questions, feel free to create a topic in the forums, this will help us improve our documentation :slight_smile:

Ok, I started with Rtribution, the last stand but it seems like all what is to do is inserting the Steam ID O.o That can’t be all, right? Where are the other things like libarys and settings (I used Alien Swarm and Red alert 3 as reference).

In most cases, just setting the game id is enough!
If you want a more complex example, you can have a look at the Dark Souls installer.