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Wine 3.6 Released


So wine 3.6 was released. bringing alot of fixes, and some for battle eye.
Do you guys think we can get pubg and fortnite working now? :slight_smile:


Is it just me, or has 3.6 & 3.6 staging not yet been made available via Lutris?


Strider is on vacation. He be back on the 24th.


I found 3.6-staging-pba on the arch AUR, pba is just a set of d3d to ogl patches that help games I hear, won’t affect DXVK if that is what you intend to use. I also found the basic staging gz file abouts.


if anyone is interested, I butchered a SlackBuild script to build the pba-staging 3.6 that I am using now.
Slackware64-14.2 + Alien Multilib

It seems to perform ok so far… well I haven’t reverted to pba 3.3 yet.

on my google drive:


Yeah, any update of pubg and fortinte would be good.