Wine 3.6-GE ****** League of Legends (edited)

Wine 3.3 PBA is A LOT better than the normal versions to play league on linux, without lutris runtime the game crash everytime on lubuntu 18.04 with wine stable installed to get out of the “dependency hell”

so i think the better script needs Wine 3.3 PBA and Lutris Runtime activated.

my hardware: INTEL Q9550 2.8 GHZ, GTX 750 2 GB, 7 GB DDR2
with NVIDIA DRIVER 396.24
wine PBA = 60 stable frames, min 46 (i only use with 60 frames cap)
normal staging versios= 30 frames or less

edit: wine ge-3.6 is better than the 3.3pba

You could submit an updated installer with ge-3.6 (which includes the pba patches) :slight_smile:

yes, i tested right now the ge-3.6 and is a lot better than the 3.3 pba, lol is running just perfect right now
i think is good to put that version on the league script, but i’m not allowed to do this

huh " Installer modification is restricted " indeed. @GloriousEggroll this might be interesting for you?

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What is wine ge? I’m trying lol on linux but can’t make it working. many wine version and always some issues. Wanted to try staging 3.6 but can’t find download for this version. OS opensuse 42.3 in repository are only newer versions. And what is wine pba? Has someone trusted mirror to download this version?

Just grab ge-3.6 through lutris :slight_smile: Manage runners -> wine -> check ge-3.6

At that point you can go to the config for one of the games and set that as the wine version to run!

Oh boy… and that was all the time there?! I was fighting with this for long time! Thanks dude :slight_smile:
I have some mess with libraries. Game is crashing immediately after entering to login screen…

put msvcp140 on dll’s overides

I can confirm that the default wine (3.18 at time of my install) worked a lot worse than wine pba 3.19.
With that I was able to use DXVK 0.94, which increased performance to to a level where the games was actually playable. Thanks for all the good work.