Windows Media Player Install help

I installed Resident Evil 6 via Lutris Wine Steam, there is a task for Windows Media Player to be installed, but it did not install, because when I run the game, it says “can not find the latest Windows Media Player, please download it at” some url, click ok.

How do I install Windows Media Player in that same Steam bottle? Can I just edit the json and rerun the task ? I didnt want to do that without some consultation because it took me 3 hours to download the game, and i didnt want to nuke the wine bottle and have to redownload it.

Here are the logs lutris debug logs and game logs:

Even though the json says win32, when I tried to download and install WMP10 it says it cant, its says this only works on 32bit versions of windows, and I am having a tough time with finding 64 WMP10 or anything…


As for the architecture, you can check this by opening the configuration and look at the second tab sheet (Game options).

There is a winetrick for windows media player 9 and 10. Version 10 is the one which is installed by the script. You can do this install again by doing this:

  • Click Winetricks link in the sidebar;
  • Select Select the default wineprefix and click Ok;
  • Select Install a Windows DLL or component;
  • Scroll to the bottom and select wmp10 and click Ok;

B.T.W. there is also a Proton installer available. This one has only the game id and no WMP install. That’s interesting. Does Proton have internal support for playing the video files?

Hope this helps.

Wow thanks! So, I do have the 32bit version which is the default installed. Unfortunately the cool winetricks WMP10 thing had the same error, this is only for 32bit versions of windows. However I was able to easily install WM9 thanks to you!!! And that worked!!

Thanks TFK!

Glad to be of assistance. :+1: