Will you please consider adding comments sections to the game pages?

I’ve run into a lot of situations where an installer script didn’t work, or I needed to do something special in Lutris to make a game work, or need to slightly modify an installer script.

In all of these cases, it would have beneficial to other players if I could leave a comment on the installer to let others know what needs to be done to make the game work. And it would have saved me a lot of time if someone else had already left a solution in the comments.

For example, I spent hours trying to get Warframe working a couple months ago, and it turns out all I had to do was disable the Lutris runtime. Would have been nice to read that in the comments.

Think something along the lines of WineHQ, just less bad… I use the comments there all the time, it can be very helpful



It would be nice feature. I use comments on WineHQ above all and its always helpful.


I agree, often an installer gets updated and there’s just a dearth of information…I play Guild Wars 2, with the state of Wine and Wine Staging and the latest PBA stuff it’s getting increasingly difficult to stay on top of how all this impacts particular games. Lutris is awesome, the runners are kept fairly current but the installers get changed in mysterious ways it seems.


I think that the best solution would be to do a Categorie for each game, or at least for 50 most played games with Lutris.

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Yes, but as DXVK is rising, most maintainers of WineHQ forbid comments about it

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Comments would be amazing.

It would also be very nice to be able to upvote/downvote scripts when they work or don’t, especially when there are multiple scripts available - this would give quick info on how this has worked (or not) for others before attempting to run a game.


I’d love to be able to view/write comments for each game/installer and some sort of up-/downvote system.


yes, that would be a good idea. We would be able to discuss the modifications of the installer and the script wouldn’t be mysteriously modified by someone or by a moderator for no reason.

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The website already has this. You can click the arrow next to the install button, then click “Report issue”. Leave a comment there about what didn’t work and what you did to fix it. Your comment will be visible to other users and the maintainer of the script. If the install script gets fixed, the maintainer can mark your comment as resolved.

it only exists for users and it’s too basic. It would be better to have a more accurate tool like the one for commenting word documents. For every modifications, you have to justify yourself and when the moderator verify the files, he has the justification next to each fixes. Feedback from the moderators is also important because right now I have the impression they can do what they want with our scripts without asking any question like “why have you chosen this version or wine?” or giving any feedback. For example, I created a script for a game with a specific version of wine and specific settings to solve problems but the moderator who took care of it just removes this lines without explanation and the script is “half” broken (at least for me since the moderator didn’t say anything). If they have the time to modify the script, they also have the time to explain why.