Will these linux os run these games?

Hi, i have found a few distros that i have questions for.

i found: Vampire os(is this one active), if so, do games run well?

Reborn os: how well do games run on this one?

midnightBSD: is this one any good? will my games run?

lonero os: what about this one?

elive: for this one?

there is also haiku. but, that one is still in beta phases.

my games are: doom, quake, wolfenstein, age of mythology, starcraft, war of the ring, age of empires, sas secure tomorrow, resident evil 1-5, blood, duke nukem 3d, shadow warrior, halo, metro and etc?

my games are mainly cd games. games from zoom game platform.

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Funnily, I think the distro doesn’t matter too much. I would go for a distro which uses the latest versions of software so you get the latest support for your hardware.

As a retro enthusiast I can say that classic games should work very well. I’m on Fedora and it runs these just fine. So should other distros.

cool, awesome.

hard to find decent people in communities these days, lol.

so sounds like i need to look at this with a different approach then.

Yeah. Just play with it. Tip: the latest version of dosbox staging is always available from their github page ( Releases · dosbox-staging/dosbox-staging · GitHub ). You can place it in a directory in your home directory and point the custom runner field to it. And also ScummVM is a very nice system to play a multitude of classic games.

Hope this helps you further on your retro journey.

thank you, i been using dosbox x. has lots of features.