Will Lutris change the way it works in light of the latest DXVK changes?

So, DXVK is supporting per game profiles, now, if I understand correctly. Will Lutris have to change the way it works to still be able to use the latest DXVK out of the box? And does that mean that the current version is not able to work with DXVK 0.70? I’m curious if anybody in the know can shed some light.

Yes, the structure probably has to change, but this change seems for the best.

People making their Lutris scripts can simply call a winetricks command to install a proper DXVK, making Lutris’ actual interaction minimal.

The bad thing about this is that updating DXVK versions will be harder than right now, where you simply change some numbers and Lutris appropriately loads them up.

I could get 0.70 to work in the old way: putting files into the ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk folder and calling it in the client.

The bad thing is that disabling the “Enable DXVK” toggle currently makes Lutris force remove DXVK files, so you have to install it in the old-fashioned way.

I did a winetricks install to add the 3 new files for dx10 compatibility and these are not automatically removed by Lutris.

No, other than adding d3d10 Lutris won’t change since it doesn’t use DXVK’s setup script.

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