Wiki Reboot

After ignoring the wiki ( ) for a long time, we had with a severe spam problem.
The antispam protection that was in place must have been disabled by a MediaWiki update and we ended up having half a million bot users, even more spammy pages and received a DMCA takedown notice from the Red Cross.

There was very little content on the wiki and a lot of it was outdated so I decided to burn everything down and restart from scratch.
The wiki container has been updated to Ubuntu 16.04, PHP was updated to 7.0 and the entire database was cleared and rebuild by the MediaWiki installer.

Anonymous edits are disabled (they were disabled before as well) but more importantly, account creation is disabled as well.
I want to make this wiki an official documentation for Lutris so I figured it made sense to restrict edit access to known contributors.

If you wish to get edit rights to the wiki, send me an username and your email address and I will sign you up.

I’m looking forward to the wiki. Maybe you can add the description about writing the installer as a starting point. Only copy/past what’s already displayed on the right side when adding a new installer. Then it can be extended later.

I would like to add some examples and templates to the wiki, because some features and parameters seem missing from this description. And it would be nice to have a comprehensive HowTo for writing installers. Maybe, it could be also useful to have a collection of URLs for finding additional information about wine requirements for games, e.g. WineHQ, PlayOnLinux, comes in mind.

But at the moment, I don’t have much time because of some deadlines in the job - maybe in one month, I will have a bit more, and I plan to apply for access later.

A complete guide to write installers is certainly one of the top priorities of this wiki!

Can we create an account and submit wiki pages ?

I can create accounts, do you want one?

ooh ok,
no its alright (;
Good luck

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to add information on how to get a wiki account to the wiki itself? Right now it seems to require you to find this thread to realize that you have to contact strider in order to get an account, and this seems like an unnecessary barrier.

Also, why is the wiki so hard to find? From the Lutris main page there is no apparent way to get to the wiki. Are you waiting for the wiki to become a bit more complete before linking to it, or is there some other reason?

Move it to ?

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Is a rewrite of the wiki already happening or is it still an open project?

I’m currently unemployed, so I have time and wouldn’t mind working on making it useful.

Sorry to bump, but any form of answer would be nice. Collaboration is the heart of open source.

Is there any need for someone to work on a wiki for the project?

I was thinking about this and since I would like for all the information provided to be 100% exact, I might abandon the idea of a wiki and instead provide some documentation within the project itself like most Python projects do (as a side effect, we could host those docs on ReadTheDocs).

The wiki system doesn’t allow a level of control I wan to keep over the documentation very easily. On top of that, it’s yet another platform we need to maintain.

Any opinion about that?

If it is on Github, I’m ok with it!

Sorry to necro but I was looking for some sort of documentation for Lutris… A man page, a wiki, an official guide or how-to. Does the project not have any? If not, I could help.