Why is script creation locked down?

why is the warframe script locked down?

someone could try to make a better script

glorious eggrolls scripts are good however they are only tested in an arch linux environment to my knowledge

someone could have probably started a dxvk script by now

i don’t know why script creation was locked down

but all you’re doing is stifling the possibility of someone making a ten times better and more various distro tested script by waiting for glorious eggroll to do all the work

which btw is kind of unfair to him in a way

my intentions are not to bash anyone

i’m just stating that it’s like someone releases an open source project on github but then sets it to were no one is allowed to contribute to it other than the github creator even if someone could do it better

it just ends bad

Some installers are locked down because the ratio of bad contributions versus good contributions is astonishingly high in some cases.

Popular games such as Warframe, WoW or LoL attract a lot of users who have absolutely no idea what they are doing and restricting installers to mods simply saves us time and keeps us from having to reviews dozens of junk submissions per day.

I wish I was joking… when LoL was open, there would be several edits that were plain trash, per day.

but how do you tackle that while also maintaining good scripts?

i mean their needs to be a way for someone to at the very least show a script idea and have access granted to them if it’s a good script idea

i would love to see a dxvk script for warframe i just think constantly relying on one maintainer for a game script is bad practice

i mean what happens tomorrow if glorious eggroll ended up in a situation were he just can’t maintain the warframe scripts anymore?

I completely agree with you @codythedragondude.
Making it harder to contribute, learn and modify is not good.

Resolving this “issue” would certainly help: https://github.com/lutris/website/issues/129

I fully agree - I would like to moderate my own Blizzard scripts. (Which I’m doing already). I locked them since so many terrible edits kept propping up (by mistake or by intention).

However since the other moderator make changes to them now aswell, and break things, I keep getting wispers to fix something that I didn’t break.

This system is flawed. However, it is the best there is atm. Egg was keeping Warframe / LoL up to date, but he stepped down I think…so someone with skill needs to take over. Come join Discord and talk to Strider if you think you can do it.