Why do I find this error?

GOG installer windows NOT standalone starter why do I get this error?

wine: cannot find L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe"

I open Lutris by terminal with -d if that helps and the debub would help tell why I get this error.

One other question do I need to place another topic on listing the reports of what is failing on the uPlay installers? - all three - two have the above error the middle uPlay has a whole different set of errors.

Thank you for your time it is greatly appreciated


Since this is the only visible error I see when viewing the game log from the menu choice in Lutris how do I find what is actually causing GOG to fail and not launch. Yes ,I do really appreciate any help that will point me in the right direction :smiley: :smiley: :D.

#new Linux user rant
If someone is going to paste and install script and post the words with minor tweaking but there is nothing to go off of on that statement, it is literally and figuratively a useless installer script. This goes for across the board of all installer scripts. People do not have the psychic ability to read the coders mind and deduce what is meant. This is no different than leaving notes throughout a program for someone else to come along behind and fix an issue.

… and no offense intended when the above error or a few other similar is all that is received and multiple people are referred to the same FAQ answer which does not answer their question it is a weee bit frustrating to new users. I will have to admit having to scour the interwebs to find bits and pieces of answers to eventually after days of fighting with the issue before posting on the forum to keep it clean from repeat posts and get the stock answer is again a little frustrating

new Linux user rant over.