Why can't we make other installers for League of Legends

I am writing this topic because the current existing DX9 script for League of Legends does not work on my Manjaro 64bit system, and I was planning to write a new one.

I want to add that installing League of Legends with Wine works just fine whitout Lutris, but recently when you try to download LoL client from their website is currently restricted for Linux, so I am thinking that it would be a good ideea to write an installer wich works around this issue and keeps as may of our games in Lutris because they are more easy to install and manage in this way

Well it doesn’t matter anymore, League of Legends on Linux will soon be unplayable folowing the changes on the new anti-cheat measures announced here.

Sad faces every where… Preparing dual-boot now…

Sad indeed, unfortunatelly due to the game engine being made around DX9 there is almost no chance that LoL will ever come to Linux, and the anti-cheat measures seems to be the necessary evil in this story. But who knows what the future will bring to us…

If this really causes issues, I’ll have a word about it with the guys at Riot. I go there for the Community Hack Night every month.

As for the installer, we don’t create multiple installers for the same game + platform. If an installer doesn’t work, it has to be fixed.

I understand, but the current installer also installs many dependencies. In the current state of Wine LoL works with mono and with no aditional dependencies, it just installs and works.