Where is my game?

am trying to install battlenet and diablo 3 on Ubuntu (latest build and update)

I followed this video How to Install and Play Blizzard Battle net Games on Linux – Lutris ⁄ Wine Method - YouTube

and ran the following commands,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 
sudo apt update

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-465

sudo apt install libvulkan1 libvulkan1:i386


sudo apt install wine

sudo apt install libgnutls30:i386 libldap-2.4-2:i386 libgpg-error0:i386 libsqlite3-0:i386

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris

sudo apt update

sudo apt install lutris

The game and battle installed fine, but when I ran it it was unplayable (stuttering and lagging). So I rebooted and there is no sign I installed it?

when I open lutris to try again there is no sign I installed D3

After some investigation I can do the game and battle net files are here but there is no way to launch either from the app. I discovered that I can launch of game from the lutris.net /games section but I need to do that each time I want to play and the 64 bit version is unplayable.
Any ideas? Thanks folks

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I just read the post about what to do before posting and I will do that now my appologies not to have included debug and log information. I will get that and post it.

This works with WoW, so I assume it will work with other battle.net games. If you know the location of your D3 files, move them to a new directory OUTSIDE the prefix that Lutris created (just the Diablo files not any battle.net files). Uninstall the battle.net entry in Lutris.

Next, make sure you follow this guide for installing the dependencies for battle.net and battle.net itself. Also make sure that you complete the installation completely (ie followed the full installer steps), do not login and install a game until AFTER restarting the battle.net from Lutris. This bit is important - you need to select your region in the battle.net installation process and allow it to update. It will show the login screen, this is when you close the battle.net installer to allow the Lutris script to finish.
Now locate the new battle.net files. You now have 2 options: if you know how to navigate the local file system from within a wine game, leave the D3 files in their current location, but if you don’t, move them back to the Program Files folder in the new battle.net location. Launch the battle.net from Lutris and instead of selecting install for D3, choose the locate game option and point it to the location where you moved the D3 files to. All going well, you have the first part set up.
It sounds like you are running the dx11 version, this has some in game stuttering and higher cpu usage than dx12 (WoW at least). If you get to this point, post some pics of your Lutris runner and setup options so we can fine tune them, also what graphics card and kernel (5.14 etc) you are running.

Hello @jhu thank you. I reinstalled the game noticing it, this time installed to ‘program files’ and not home/user/games and it now runs great, zero issues. I think you hit the nail on the head. I am thinking that I may have done something in the wrong order. but its working fine now and so are steam games.

I am ssssssssoooooo happy to be able to dump windows, although I am not a windows hater I think ‘right tools for the right job’ but I am overjoyed to be able to do everything I need to do with linux and its my first love, even though I have been away from it for a decade its nice to be back.
thanks again sir

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