Where does the Battle.net program install games to? Twitch doesnt find any of my installed games

Ive installed the twitch app to install add-ons for World of Warcraft Classic, but the twitch app doesnt locate the game at all. When I try to find the game manually, I cannot find it anywhere

Can anyone help me? Thanks

So you’ve installed WoW Classic from the Lutris page, and then you installed Twitch App from the Lutris page?

This means, that each of them got their own WINE bottle. :slight_smile:

WoW Classic should be installed in ~/Games/WoW Classic/ and Twitch somewhere at ~/Games/Twitch App/.

What you want to do is to manually add WoW in your Twitch app, which will open a file explorer.

Your whole filesystem (“root”) is mounted as the drive Z:\ in WINE, so click there. Then go to Z:\home\USERNAME\Games\WoW ... and you’ll find it in some Program Files (86) folder and so on. :slight_smile:

Did that and worked for me :>


For anyone else struggling with installing add-ons to classic WoW (This works for retail as well). Basically the Twitch app does NOT WORK. You will need to manually install your addons, but its super easy:

  • Default install location is C:Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/ classic /Interface
  • Download the .zip of whatever add-on you want to install
  • Extract the .zip
  • Copy the extracted folder into the Interface folder (make sure WoW isn’t running first)
  • Open WoW
  • When prompted by the client, allow the loading of out of date addons.
  • Youre done!

If the addons don’t work, then you haven’t installed the addon correctly. Double check you are in the correct directory or restart the WoW client.

Most addons when extracted will generate a single folder containing all the functional files needed make the addon work ( i.e lib folders, .xml and .toc files etc… ).

However, note that some addons (Z-perl unit-frames and deadly boss mods for example) have multiple sub-directories which contain said functional files when extracted. To install these addons, simply move all the sub-directories into the addon folder directory, not the addon parent directory itself!
If you dont do this they will not load correctly or even be detected at all!

I hope this helps anyone else who had this issue!