Where does lutris install my games to?

i don’t see a .lutris directory in my home folder so i was wondering where they went to when they were installed…

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You have the option called “Default installation folder” in your System options – configurable globally and per runner. And Lutris generally asks you for location every time you install a game (providing the value of said option as default).

Also, .<program-name> files/folders are cluttering your $HOME, so most new applications place their configs into either .config/ or .local/share/. Some engines even make their own subdirectories for whatever reason (for instance, all Unity games put configs and save files inside ~/.config/unity3d/).

ok. so where are the default folders for the games i installed through lutis then?

Er… They’re written in that option?

If you installed some game without paying attention and want to know where they went, check the “Game options” tab of the game config; you’ll find the place either in the “Executable” field (the game binary is likely to be inside the game folder) or in the “Working directory”/“Wine prefix” (if the game is run from relative path). This does not apply only to Steam/Winesteam games (because Lutris doesn’t control their location, it’s in the Steam settings).

I see it no there’s a folder named GAMES and i was just too tired to see it. After some well needed rest it is plain as day!

On Elementary OS Hera it was on folder
~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/

if i’m not mistaken on ubuntu the game is in the same folder