Where are the older releases?

hi everyone!
I’m on Mint 18.3 old laptop i386. Can’t get lutris after download instructions: package lutris not found.
If I examine ppa there aren’t 16.04 packages.
Please, where can I get a suitable (i386 16.04 ) package??
I’m not interested in newest games, just all beyond 2012, so no upgrading O.S. planned.

It seems to me that the versions of games and lutris not depends in any way on your OS version. Did you use these commands?
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris
sudo apt update
sudo apt install lutris

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I got the games but can’t get lutris. After doing so I only get “Unable to find lutris package”. Why there isn’t a Xenial version in the PPA ?? :thinking:

I was using lutris 0.4.2 installed via .deb about 2 years now (updated to 0.5.8 last week because of couple quality of life features). Versions 0.4.* is still working perfectely, you can play any game you want. So just install lutris that way and it should be fine. good luck :slight_smile:

you can use the tar.gz release that are available on Lutris downloads page.
Just unarchive it and launch ./bin/lutris.

Thank you guys! I’ll try that way.