When might Lutris start offering DXUP or VK9, like it does for DXVK?

Currently, Lutris can download compiled versions of DXVK. When might we see either precompiled VK9 or DXUP binaries offered as well? Currently neither project has closed the gap in terms of performance, but when/if they do, would it be possible to download them with Lutris?

Also, could someone show me where I could get precompiled DLLs for either project? Currently I can’t compile them on my system without first compiling MinGW64, which is a big project I don’t want to get into.

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FAudio might also be a good thing to add to that list.

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Yes but not until games start running.

DXUP is dead and the dev is now working on d9vk.

VK9 dlls can be found on https://ci.appveyor.com/project/disks86/vk9/branch/master/artifacts


Thanks! I’ll follow that one instead of DXUP then.

… Games are running. Portal 2, TF2, Super Meat Boy so far. :slight_smile: