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What's the deal with the Photoshop CS6 installer?

I have a two-disc installer that includes Photoshop and other CS6 apps. Photoshop needs both discs 1 and 2. The installer script says “WARNING: Do not run the game when the installation is complete”, but doesn’t give any instructions on what to do after this point. Naturally, since the installer can’t download executables on its own, there’s an error at the end of the install process, saying executable files are missing. So I make sure the Wine configuration includes both of the mounted ISOs (it does; I don’t have an optical drive on this PC) and then I use “run an EXE within prefix” and select the Setup file on the mounted ISO. I put in the serial and…

“Please insert disk CS6 ProdPrm 1 to continue.”

…what? That’s… the disc that the EXE is on. I didn’t unmount it, it’s still there… Well, I click Continue.

“Please insert disk CS6 ProdPrm 1 to continue.”