What´s the difference between wine tkg-protonified and other builds?

I tried to run some game with at least 10 wine builds from the lutris menu, and I get a “fatal error” window when loading, and then it crashes. But only with wine tkg-protonified it works.
The thing is that tkg-protonified is no longer updated, so I would like to know what does that build has so it can run games that no other build can. I want to run any game even when that build is very outdated. And why it´s no longer updated if it still has something that no other build has?.

That’s a good question. I might get some of this wrong so hopefully someone will correct me if I do…

As far as I know, ‘Protonified’ means that it’s a Wine build with Vavle’s Proton fixes added to it, plus whatever is unique to the TKG builds. Lutris decided to also add the Proton stuff to their builds and is the/part of the reason they got rid of the other Wine builds. I think they also just wanted a more simplified list of builds to confuse people less while still leaving people the option to go and seek other custom builds and use them with Lutris if they desire.

So I guess your question is ‘what is unique to the TKG builds?’. Well, I’m not sure. But… which game are you trying this with? What is the full name and version of the TKG build that works? Some Wine builds are made for specific games rather than general purpose so this may be one reason.

I realized that the problem with other builds is related to configuration files that won´t load, and apparently tkg-protonified is loading the game without that configuration file while the other builds try to load it and throw the error because of that.

The error in the command line is this:

00f0:fixme:dbghelp:x86_64_fetch_minidump_module RunTime_Function outside IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_EXCEPTION unimplemented yet!

The game is Azur Lane Crosswave (UE4), and I run it fine (without configuration) with tkg-protonified-4.6-x86_64. The build is not supposed to be used with this game, but trying builds I found that this build was the only one that can run it.
Also this error prevent the configuration of the DLCs to be loaded, so I get the game to run but with no DLCs, this should be fixed if it´s a common bug (idk since I don´t buy many DLCs, just tried with this game), it´s a big problem.

Well that sounds like it might be worth reporting as a bug?

If you’d like a newer Wine build for now then you could try some other custom ones such as newer TKG ones if you haven’t already. Maybe the stock Proton or GE-Proton will work well.

Sorry I can’t help anymore than that. Good luck :slight_smile:

I already tried those 3, and the latest versions as well. Thanks for the help anyways :smiley:

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