What is a Patreon Goal?

I am personally interested in the integration of Battle.Net, Uplay, and EGS in Lutris as runners, similarly to how WineSteam is. While checking the Lutris repository to see if any such changes were already underway (and if I could help!), I noticed that the Battle.Net issue relating to this goal was tagged with “patreon goal,” along with issues pertaining to Origin and the Origin updater, and was wondering what it meant. Thanks!

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform used to help fund the project.

If you go the goals tab on the project’s account , you can see that the integration for battle.net and origin was a previous monthly goal. Being able to install origin and blizzard games directly from a script that is I think.

Correction: Patreon is a platform providing a means to support creators (online artists, minor youtubers, nonprofit projects) who produce content which they don’t get any/much profit from otherwise (typically available to consume for free, or in some cases using Patreon tiers as a paywall). Patrons (regular users) subscribe to pay such a creator some amount of money ($1 or more, based on his own decision) on a monthly basis; to encourage higher payments, the same system of goals/tiers as in crowdfunding platforms is employed, but the end purpose differs (crowdfunding is used to gather one-time payment for a finite-time project, and goals are promises for the end product; projects with a Patreon are ongoing and goals are promises for the near future/following month).

Thanks, I should’ve explained it in more detail.

I understand what Patreon is, I just couldn’t find any references to the goals on the Lutris Patreon page. I suppose the goals section must have evaded me before (the Kickstarter interface makes much more sense to me.) Ah well, I suppose my only recourse is to subscribe, which I’m not sure if I can afford at the moment, or wait for it to be finished. I can continue hacking away at Uplay, I suppose!