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What does "Identifier" in Game Info tab do? What does "wine prefix" in Game Options info tab do? And how do these 2 differ?

I created a new wineprefix thru Lutris (right-click Wine icon on lower left. Then I selected “wineprefix”. Then “Create New WinePrefix”. Then chose 32 and typed in game’s name (“shapez”) as the identifier. then cancelled out of the popup dialog window. When I right-clicked the game and chose “Configure”, I see, in the Game Info tab, that the identifier now has “shapez”. But in the Game Options tab, the wineprefix is still blank. Should I change that to /.local/share/wineprefix/shapez/? Or is that unnecessary?

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1: Identifier is value which help lutris to find the correct banner image for that game.
2: Game option is exactly what it means on the tin.
3: Im confuse. Create a new wine prefix? Thats from winetricks option, not from lutris. Use the installation script instead.