What Differences between Lutris and CrossOver?

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I was reading articles on the net when I came across a software called “CrossOver”.
( https://www.codeweavers.com/ )

The promise is to be able to run software (games included) “windows” on unofficial media such as “linux” and “Mac”.
But as far as I can understand, its mainly uses “Wine” and “vkd3d” etc…

Which are from memory are all free… The site offers a paid offer.

Apart from support for “classic” software.
It has no interest for video games? Or there is a big distinction that I did not understand.

If you have more information on it I am interested!

Have a good day! :grin:

Been using Crossover for various programs since its inception. (They had a Sun Solaris version briefly. :slight_smile: It ran on my SS20 pizza box like a champ!) It was initially designed for business applications, and came included in the SUSE Linux CD retail box for a while. Yes, it is a paid service, but the support is worth it. At least with their platform. I also like the fact with one sub, I can also install it on my Mac. (Much better than Boot Camp IMHO) They also have a Chrome version. I never used Crossover for gaming, just some proprietary Winblow$ stuff for work when I would work from home.

Lutris is geared primarily for gaming (but can work for other not so fun stuff) and asks for donations. The support is also GREAT. Down side is, sometimes it takes a while for a reply. But the Linux / WINE community is very helpful.

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