What about Advertisement placement in the client?


  • I don’t want any Flame War, Bullshit Post Contest or anything like that. I want a serious Discussion on How to improve the financial standing of our Number one Gaming Platform.
  • English is not my native language, so please don’t judge Points which are not clearly described.

Initial Idea
Like everybody else I noticed the Patreon Message from Lutris to improve their financial position and to better and faster develop Lutris. Since I think that many Lutris users just don’t want to get a Patreon Account, but are willing to Support Lutris, I was thinking about other ways to freely spend money to Lutris.
So what is my idea? I think Lutris could implement an optional Advertisement Banner in the bottom left Corner. This Banner does NOT track the user, it just shows random Advertisements from a Pool of Ads. Also the Banner is an opt-in Function and deactivated by default.


  • Slightly higher income for Lutris
  • If it is realised with Game Ads, you might find some new games
  • You support your beloved Gaming Platform without have to pay real money
  • No Personal Data is collected
  • Fully Optional and deactivated by default (Opt-in)


  • Yes, it is Advertisement in Lutris

I can’t find more Cons. Please tell me, if you have more!

So, what do you think here? Is it a way to improve the Lutris Finance or do you think it’s a no go?

Please reason your Opinion, so we can get a really good overview for Pros and Cons.