Weird battlenet error when logging in [SOLVED]

Hi. My first post here.

When trying to log in to battlenet the authenticator goes through and is accepted. The wheel spins for about 1 second and then I am either returned to the login screen or shuffled to a screen that stated that battlenet services are not available. Oddly enough this happens on occasion, not always. Also, it seems completely random. I have followed the install guide for battlenet to the letter, reinstalled the client, reinstalled the game and the problem still persist. When I was on Ubuntu I didn’t have this problem, but it seems to be a common occurrence in ArchLinux.

Has anyone experienced these types of issues and what can I do to fix them?
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Im in arch, but havent had that issue yet. Using wine staging 3.11 from aur. Though I think im set to autologin for Do u have wine installed on your system, or just using the lutris versions provided without the aur wine installed?

A few things you can try…
Check you have all dependicies which are listed on the lutris page.
On the install options use the 1st one. It says there are issues but I havnt had any so far.
In that doesn’t work you can try to click install on the specific game (on lutris site) instead of the standalone launcher

Oh and make sure have wine staging installed in a 32 bit architecture besides the regulat 64 bit version. If you need the commands or instructions I can post them

If I remember correctly, that’s how I got my to install. I just used the WOW runner to get both going.

First off thank you for all replies. To my knowledge, all battle net dependencies are installed as listed. I realize that I forgot to mention the game in question is Diablo III and that I am using the game installer provided by Lutris.

That would be great thank you very much as I am relatively new to Arch-based things

Awesome will try that thank you

Unfortunately I’m only familiar with Debian based systems so debian, ubuntu, mint and derivatives

I got rid of that problem probably due to an update. I also had it set to auto login as suggested.