Web runner and V2BlankBrowser

In my opinion, one thing missing in web runner are:

  1. URLBar
    2/ Tabs

I known, why. Reason is to reduce UI as much as possible - this is only browser for game playing and you would not force user to use some screen-taking UI.

But… There is V2BlankBrowser. See it.
You can download it from flathub.

V2BlankBrowser advantages:

  1. Two UI to select by user (and third, which is connection of two previous - both are displayed)
  2. One UI is floating UI
  3. In floating UI, UI elements are floating and user could move it
  4. In fkiatubg UI, UI elements are semi-transparen
  5. Second UI is more normal
  6. In normal UI, we had top bar, but it hides after right-click on it (but tabs are still present)
  7. Normal UI will shown full top panel/bar, when user click on tab
  8. We have tabs support!

I think web runner should give access to similar UI. Problem with no tabs was: I can run game, such like freecivweb and it automatically opens normal browser after launch. Solution is to add tab support, but you must to this with gamming needs in mind.

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