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Wayland Problems with wine

I just can not figure out how to disable wayland backend to force Wine use XWayland. In my opinion, wine lutris engine should allow to check force use X11 backend. I do not known, how to achieve it, but some games do not work properly with Wayland backend.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.
Lutris integration will be welcomed.

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I’m pretty sure it does not use wayland. Native wayland support for wine is still in an experimental stage and only very very few people built their wine with the wayland patches and even if they do they mostly also provide a non Wayland version.

Could you maybe elaborate as to which games do not run and which Desktop Envoirment your are using. Also could you type echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE in your terminal to check if your DE is indeed running wayland.


KDE Plasma 5.23 Wayland.

Empire Earth for example or Starcraft: Brood Wars. On both are issues I do not have before I switching to Wayland. Empire Earth do not have issues if I ran it in WIne windowed mode.

Since i don’t own any of those games i sadly cannot confirm your experiences but i can definitely say that there are still caveats to the wayland experience on KDE. Some programs will have problems and XWayland also isn’t perfect so even non wayland applications will be affected. This is the main reason why there are (as far as my knowledge goes) none distros which use KDE with wayland as a default.

The only suggestion i can provide is to use the virtual desktop feature which almost always helps with windowing/fullscreen problems of any sort.
Hope this helps.