Wargaming.net launcher not updating?

The Wargaming.net launcher had been running fine under Lutris. Then an update came out for World of Warships, and now it gets stuck trying to update.

It just goes into a loop, “Trying to update…Updated failed…Waiting for N seconds…Trying to update…”

At first I thought it was some temporary network issue on their end, but it’s persisted for over a week.

Does anyone know how to work around this?

I think I might have figured out a hackish solution.

I installed the wine-devel package from the Wine Ubuntu PPA, then ran the Wargaming.net launcher using that. It took a few retries, and froze a few times, but that eventually allowed the launcher to run and install WOWS.

However, it doesn’t look like the default Wine environment can actually gun any games. Launching a game from Wargaming just shows a black screen for several minutes and then crashes.

So I flipped the Wine environment back to the Lutris default, and then it works.

So TL;DR using upstream Wine to do required updates, close it, and then flip it back to Lutris to actually run the game.